Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Newsflash: Going Away! Fishing The Little South Fork Kentucky

I'm leaving tomorrow for a visit "Into the mountains"(Get it? Into? Aah..), and won't be back till sometime Saturday. No web access, and not even taking a computer if there were any. I'm staying in a friend's "cabin" by the South Fork of the Kentucky river. Hoping to do lots of stream wade fishing, some hiking, photos, lazying on the deck with a beer(and such) and visitin'. Maybe do some canoe fishing on the Beech Creek Reservoir.
I'll be out of touch with news and tv to. Some solitude and nature is about it.


So surfers and passerby. If you want to save a kitten click on one of the little ads at the top of this page.

Thank You. The management...


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Update: Career Resources Of Lexington | Throwing Your Money Away

Looking for a job in Central Kentucky and thinking you may need help in the search for a good career? Freshly laid-off and thinking about paying the professionals at "Career Resouces" of Lexington for that extra boost you'll need for a good job? My experience with Career Resources- I could have held my money(160 bucks) out the car window and let go with the same results and just as much action on their part.
Save your money, and make business cards. You'll do just as well.
And NO I wouldn't give a link if they had one...

..And there's your central Kentucky unemployment news update of the day.

Good hunting!


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Killing Meaningful Health Insurance The "Bi-partisan" Way

The big thing I learned during the dumbya years; When they say "bi-partisan", they really mean "Republicans in charge".

Corporate toady Max Baucus and his "bi-partisan" gang of six are trying to kill a meaningful health care plan for Americans. You ask why these six senators can't be trusted to do what's right?
Look at the goodies they've all received from the health insurance and big pharma industries.

Lifetime contributions from Insurance/Pharma
Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) $1,203,205
Sen. Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) $206,297
Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND) $442,165
Sen. Mike Enzi (R-NV) $342,228
Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) $702,595
Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME) $161,706
TOTAL: $3,058,256


Do your part; Go to and tell these senators to do what's right for Americans, and not their corporate benefactors by signing the petition asking Sens. Baucus, Bingaman, Conrad, Enzi, Grassley and Snowe to give back every dime they've received from health insurance companies and big pharma(as if).


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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Conan O'Brien Helps Look For An Apartment

Conan helps Andy Blitz find an apartment.


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Monday, July 27, 2009

Colbert Beeyatch Slaps Chuck Todd

Over wanting to keep an investigation of Bush off tv. I assume Chuck just wants to have endless chatter about Professor Gates, and Sarah(WAAH, the media hates me!) Palin.

The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
The Word - A Perfect World
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorMark Sanford


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"Bipartisan" Jellyfish say, No Health Care For You!

Surprise(not)! Max Baucus and his "bipartisan" buddies are selling us out on a REAL National health care system. I believe the word bipartisan here means Lobbyists in charge.

And this:
..47 million Americans are uninsured. Another 25 million are underinsured..

The only insurance I have now is through my wife's work.


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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Video | "Sex And Reruns"

Matt Duke with, "Sex and Reruns":


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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bill Moyers Journal | "Harry And Louise", And The Coming Health Care Scam

Have you seen those new "Harry and Louise" health care ads? They finally support a National health care plan? I saw it a few times and thought it odd that this old corporate toady duo cares about America's health care now. Corporate Harry, and corporate Louise have come to their senses and now support health care for every American?
Alas, on Bill Moyer's Journal last night it was explained to me why H&L's masters support this new health care plan. The new health care bill that will probably emerge be will another federal corporate welfare plan that will dump millions of new "forced" subscribers onto the Insurance and pharmacuetical companies gravy train. Listen:

The Republicans are fighting Obama and serving their corporate masters, the Democratic Blue dogs seem to be dumb as posts and serving those same masters.
This national health care bill could be a model for the world. But it won't, it'll just be another way to line corporate boardroom walls with taxpayer cash.


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Same Old Crazy "Killer Weed" Talk From New Drug Czar

Sounds like Obama's new drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske is getting with the corporate program.

Obama’s drug czar: Marijuana ‘has no medical benefit’

Meet the new boss...same as...

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The Latest Media/Wingnut Obama Freakathon

What's this I hear? Barack Obama said something mean about a cop? I've said a LOT of mean things about cops. Police are a necessary evil, and I don't say that in a bad way or a good way, it's just the way it is.
As for his comment the Media/Republicans haven't managed to land a punch on Obama yet, or even trip him very badly. He'll probably dance away from this tempest to. I'm sure Gates is under the microscope right now.


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Hubble Pic | Huge Object Hits Jupiter

Wow..this would have been mass extinctions if it had been Earth instead of Jupiter.


"This Hubble picture, taken on July 23, by the new Wide Field Camera 3, is the sharpest visible-light picture taken of the atmospheric debris from a comet or asteroid that collided with Jupiter on July 19. This is Hubble's first science observation following its repair and upgrade in May. The size of the impactor is estimated to be as large as several football fields."


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Friday, July 24, 2009

What New Hell Is This

Well I've completey screwed up my Blog settings trying to install a Twitter widget and don't have time to try and fix it!!


Afternoon Update: Some Hurdles Passed on Health Care Bill

This article(unfortunately) doesn't say what tradeoffs were given to Blue Dogs for support of the Bill. Or did I miss it?:

House Dems clear one hurdle in health care bill

This is one of the BIG differences between Democrats and Republicans. If this were, ohh, say a 2004 George W. Bush bill(I know, Horrors), no matter how nasty, there'd be a good number of Democrats gushing over it(Lieberman!) and virtually EVERY Republican would be on board.
You've got to give it to the Republicans. They're nearly always in lock-step.
Oh...and they're almost ALWAYS wrong!(BWAHAHAHAHA!)

Your afternoon update>


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Thursday Video | Alice And The Muppets

Done for the night. Here's quick video before shutting down.
Alice Cooper and The Muppets with, "Welcome to My Nightmare":

Night All..


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Monday, July 20, 2009

A Layman Searches For - Wing-Nut Psychology

A Layman Attempts To Understand Wing-Nut Psychology - UPDATED
-Via Kos


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July 20, 1969 | One Small Step, And Zager and Evans, Oh My

Apollo 11: The first human foot steps onto another world.


And yes I'm old enough to say I was watching on tv as it happened, July 20, 1969.

Completely unrelated I'm sure, the number one song for six weeks at the time was Zager and Evans, "In the Year 2525"


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Herrington Lake | It Ain't What It Used To Be

Before I get me some Intranet news, just a quick entry on our latest Herrington Lake trip.

The Herrington Lake of old is no longer there.
We've been renting a cottage w/boat on Gwinn Island there for a few years now. Usually for 3 nights in the the Summer time. Alas...I think it's time to find a different lake.
Every year the cottages get more ragged and decrepit, every year the fishing gets a little worse and the fishing is the most important reason I'm there. Every year service is poorer and cost is more.
We still had a pretty good time. Even with sudden cloudburst storms and boat mechanical problems that drove me crazy. The stay there is not worth the problems anymore unfortunately. It's just gone so far downhill it seems.
My short take on today's Herrington Lake: Your money will be better spent elsewhere.
Here's a few pics from the trip:

-Cottage sweet cottage-


-Look fishy? It's not-

-"anchored" fishing-

With everything going on I didn't even get to take a lot of pics.

You know, I'm thinking maybe Taylorsville lake for next Summer's lake trip. A little farther but a lot newer....

Anyway, 'Night all. Happy Apollo Anniversary. It's still an amazing feat.
I'm gonna read me some news and then go watch some Olbermann.

OH, I also had a job INTERVIEW today(YAY me)!


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Sunday, July 19, 2009

High Times For Pot In California, And Other Stories

As usual California takes the lead and the rest of the country follows.

High times in California for marijuana business

Photo: Eric Wisberg

Poor ol' Kentucky(as always)brings up the rear in marijuana decriminalization as in everything else. Mainly due to cowardly, bought-and-paid for politicians.
An old friend of mine down in the mountains was arrested a while back. His(and his family's) life now shattered - for doing just what the man in the photo is doing, growing a plant for adult consumption.
From their excellent article on the drug war "Totally Wasted", here's the Mother Jones, "Drug War Quiz: Just Say Know".

And Congressman Barney Frank's attempt to finally bring long needed legalization to marijuana:
He's Not High: Inside Barney Frank's Plan to Legalize Marijuana

From NORML, the bible of legalization comes a bit more info:
Lawmakers Call For An End To Federal Marijuana Prosecutions


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Sunday Video | "Rain King"

Back on board! Away so long! Pics up later...
Here's Counting Crows with an old favorite, " Rain King":

"I can't go outside cuz I'm scared that I might not make it home"
-Rain King


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Monday, July 13, 2009

National Health Care, Single Payer And The Basics

Don't know what "single payer", or anything else means Boopsy?

Salon gives you the basic information.

Note: As often happens the comments are as good or better than the original article. Read them to. From those comments: "8 Myths About Healthcare Reform"

You know for every $5.00 donation I receive at the top right of this page while we're gone I'll poke my Cheney voodoo doll with a needle.


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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Monday | Sonia Sotomayor Hearings Day?

The hearings for Sotomayor start tomorrow. Got your popcorn and drinks?

She should do great.
We're going to the local lake(Herrington) Tuesday for the fishing(me), and some much needed RandR. Won't be back till Friday. The Wife has to job/work tomorrow so getting everything ready will be pretty much up to me.
I'll try to get some of the hearing highlights tomorrow night on cable(Cough-MSNBC-Cough), and some early results on the Net. Come Tuesday where we're going doesn't have Internet access, or even a tv so I'm resigned to no Blogging and little news till at least Friday night.
Doesn't look like Ms. Sotomayor will have to much problem unless something else comes up.
Racist Jeff Sessions and GOP crew are basically screeching that Sotomayor's a leftwing crazy, and here I'm very worried that she'll be ruling to the right of Souter. It's a mad world.


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Moyer's Journal | Former Insurance Executive Wendell Potter

I hope the Obama administration gets Wendell Potter to talk about health care and insurance companies in front of every open mike they can find.
I caught this interview by Bill Moyers on Friday and wanted to put it up. Now finally getting around to it.
Part 1:

You'd think that an unemployed guy would have tons of time to Blog wouldn't you? Well you'd think wrong Bucko!
Taking care of a house for four people is a heavy job. Then add yard work, job searching, Wow, worrying, depression, and four dogs, two guinea pigs, a parakeet and a cockateal.
I worked a lot less at a day job, and worried a helluva lot less to. As any office worker can tell you, "office time" is 2 to 3 times slower than "home time" so in reality I'm still not used to the less hours at home to get things done:-/
There's that to.
Night all..

Oh, and here's part 2:

Nicole Bell at C&L has the video with a good write up and comments here.


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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Fluffy, Destroyer of ..Well You Know..



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Friday, July 10, 2009

Geeks | The 100(And Counting) Essential Skills

Obviously I don't get geek honors, I only got 18 or so.

100 Essential Skills For Geeks

The first ten:
1. Properly secure a wireless router.
2. Crack the WEP key on a wireless router.
3. Leech Wifi from your neighbor.
4. Screw with Wifi leeches.
5. Setup and use a VPN.
6. Work from home or a coffee shop as effectively as you do at the office.
7. Wire your own home with Ethernet cable.
8. Turn a web camera into security camera.
9 Use your 3G phone as a Wi-Fi access point.
10. Understand what “There’s no Place Like″ means.


Thanks to SG.


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Friday Video | Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol with Crack the Shutters"


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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Will Work For Home | OTM Services, And Survival Tips

An explanation for the ad at the top of this page, and other required measures. Oh, and news of a new start-up.
For those who just came across me, and those who followed my link here. I've been unemployed now for nearly 5 months, yes it's amazing, and time does fly. You would not believe the applications I've filled out, online and in person. The resumes I've uploaded and faxed.
I'm not sure what happens when the unemployment eventually runs out. At this point I can see that moment arriving. I don't know what happens then but I know I can't wait around for that to happen. I'm the head of a four person family and I can't sit wishing and hoping while we possibly lose our home and worse.
So I'm beginning a few desperate but necessary steps. One, I've joined up with Adsense. They place ads on your website for a bit of income(if you want to help click one, I'll appreciate it). They only pay per click and I don't have enough readers(or good samaritans) for that to be near enough. Numero Dos is a donations button at the top right for anyone who wants to help(Thank You). And number three, while looking for a decent REAL office job I'm introducing OTM(Out of The Mountains) Services. A local(Central Kentucky) hired-hands service, doing jobs that people don't have time to do themselves. From painting and papering, to lawn, home and plant care, from landscaping to courier service, shopping(yes ladies, I know what guys like) to delivery. Yes I can do all that, and do it well.
A number of Bloggers actually make a living at it. I'm completely aware that I don't have fans or readership for that but I do have a steady run of people coming through.
If I should go with OTM Services. I'll make maybe a weekly posting for a job service and link them back to this post.
The plan is(I hope), people will google for these services(let me google that for you) for this area, and in my(not to well thought out) plan my posting for a particular service will be maybe close to somewhere near the top. They click my service, and Voila(like that word) I may start working for myself.
Wish me luck if nothing else...
I'll probably be back to edit and/or tweak this posting a bit more..
G'night all.


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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wednesday Video | A Fine Frenzy

A live version of A Fine Frenzy's, "Almost Lover", from "Unplugged":

Don't you agree that Alison Sudal's face could "launch a thousand ships"?


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Random Acts of Photos | Boonesboro Beach, And an Ancient Oak

A few random local photos. The first is a few shots taken of a nearly deserted Boonesboro Beach on a cloudy day. The beach is near Fort Boonesboro(You know, Dan'l Boone's home town) Kentucky.

The second set is of an ancient oak tree near Harrodsburg Road in Lexington Kentucky. I was told this tree probably sprouted around 1707.
This tree was old when our country started.

If trees could talk...

Is the national "news" still Michael Jackson ALL the time?


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Monday, July 06, 2009

Astronomy Pic | Crashed Flying Saucer On Mercury?

Actually no..
But it is an interesting Mystery image taken by the Messenger spacecraft in one of it's Mercury fly-bys. What is that dark object near the middle of the crater in the lower right of this photo?


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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Thoughts | The 4th of July, Iran, Sarah..And Stuff

Hope everyone had a GREAT 4th of July.
I'm still living, unlike that Michael guy, so there's that.
Before I look at all the jobs I can't have here's a posting with a few quick thoughts:

Our President on The Fourth of July:

--Impressive...but I SURE wish I had a job...

Next the Iranian Theocracy will be telling us that Neda commited suicide.

Watched Bill Mahr's documentary last night on DVD. Bill Mahr and I pretty much agree on religion and Gods in general. More on the subject with some thoughts for that wacky Flintstonescreationist museum in Northern Kentucky(wouldn't they have been happier in Mississippi?):
If we are going to teach “creation science” as an alternative to evolution, then we should also teach the stork theory as an alternative to biological reproduction.
— Judith Hayes

Oh Noo..Sarah's up to somethin'!
Sarah PLEASE don't go! You gave us SO much humour and wackiness(wink, you betcha!).
PLEASE, tell us you're running in '12!!

Universal health Care..
Why a public option is needed.
..and Paul Krugman: Universal health care costs less than Bush tax cuts

Billy Mays annoyed the hell outta me but dang it I kinda liked the guy:

Jon Stewart Tells Mark(I'm a Republican so I'm holier than thou..Oops!) Sanford to please STFU!

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Shut Up, Mark Sanford
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorJason Jones in Iran

Happy Fourth people. Here's Jimi's "Star Spangled Banner"


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Friday, July 03, 2009

This Just In! Rush Limbaugh...

Is still A Big Fat Idiot

-as if U didn't Know-


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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

"2012" Theatrical Trailer

Love the title hook!

This is the theatrical trailer for the movie 2012. It's about the global cataclysm predicted by ancient Mayans on December 21st, 2012 leaving only a few survivors.

Kudos to LS..

Maybe they should have had Rush(the band, not the buffoon) revise the title for 2112 and used it in there somewhere.
It would have kicked arse!!


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Tribute | "King Of Pop"

Morbid or honor? You decide.


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