Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Where's Ben Chandler?

Where is my Rep. Ben Chandler(D, Corporate bluedog)?

I just made it through my Channel 18(NBC) local news. Survived the Andy Barr and Megamillions lottery ads. Barr(R, Wingnut) has pretty much every other commercial. Soon to be every commercial I'm sure, so brace yourselves. The slick ads(some with a not very well photoshopped pic of Rep. Chandler with Pres. Obama's arm around him) call Chandler everything from evil Obama Toady, to eviiil Liberal, and worse.

I realize that Koch Bros and lot's of elite Republicans are sinking tons of money in these races. By far prefering a Republican(can't blame 'em for that), to even a right of center corporate toady like ol' Ben.

But where's Ben Chandler? I didn't see or hear one Chandler ad. Is he broke? Are they waiting till October? Is he locked away somewhere? Can't he do something to get himself some air time? Inquisitive minds want to know.

Ben, it's slipping away from you!


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