Thursday, May 19, 2016

Jonathon Travis Adams and Michael Carpenter(AKA Michael Parker) Con Men of Contractors Via HomeAdvisor

Lexington/Central KY USA;
If this man offers to do Contracting work for you or anyone you know. Hold onto your wallet and walk/run away. His name is Jonathon Travis Adams, he's well versed in construction lingo. Unfortunately(for me and others) he uses that knowledge to get people needing contracting work done to hiring him, and his (then partner) Michael Parker, AKA Carpenter and crew. He'll convince you to give him a deposit and you'll sign a contract and he'll disappear.
I ran into this gang through and being gullible I just assumed that being "investigated" by homeadvisor was enough. So I hired them and trusted them. BIG mistake. I got 4 post holes dug for a deck and all my decking ripped off my old deck. For that the gang disappeared with my deposit of $2500.00 which I could little afford. I wasn't the first one he's conned, and I'm sure they're conning someone else right now.
The contract is basically worthless. It protects the con-nor far more than the mark let's say. I've told cops and county attorneys that it's crazy for someone to rob banks or convenience stores, they should be "contractors", it's legal robbery.
To sum up, this man Jonathon Travis Adams and his associate Michael Parker are crooks. They stole $2500 of my money and they've stolen from many others. It's apparently what they do. Be fore-warned. Just wish I'd investigated them myself instead of trusting

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