Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Some Election Talk, Teabaggers And Some Good Political News For A Progressive

I kinda like this;

Specter Loses, Lincoln loses(1st round) and Conway wins in Kentucky. Also far rightwing Rand Paul wins over sorta, kinda rightwing Trey Grayson in Kentucky.

Among a few of the things I disagree with is this statement:
"Kentucky marked the third time that tea party activists, a collection of disparate groups without a central political structure, have placed their stamp on Republican races."
Our dear friends the Baggers

Baggers aren't "disparate" at all. They're overwhelmingly far right versions of regular GOP'ers. Virtual creations of "Dick" Armey and our corporate "News" media. Sort of a GOP/Libertarian/crazy hybrid. Studies have shown that they get their version of news from "FOX and Friends". I've heard some scary Teabagger opinions in interviews, and Sarah Palin is their queen, 'nuff said...IMO

Then again, these are "serious journalists" and I'm just a lowly, desperately unemployed Blogger. FEH!
Have a Great Wacky day travelers..!


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