Saturday, May 08, 2010

Today's Headlines I'd Like To Correct

Lexington Herald-Leader headline this morning regarding poll results on the Tea party movement:

Kentucky Poll: Many Democrats undecided on Tea Party movement

Correct Headline:
Kentucky Poll: Teabagger Movement Off-Shoot of Republican Party:
(Will likely disappear as soon as Republicans are back in power)

The article seems shocked...SHOCKED, that Democrats not only don't support the Teabaggers all that much, but that Democrats don't even know quite what to make of the far right; "Keep your dang guv'ment hands off my Social Security/SSI" teabaggers.
When will someone sit our "News" media down(Jack Brammer in this instance) and explain to them why Republicans LOVE the 'baggers!?? It's right there in front of their faces.
Answer; Teabaggers are Republicans. Hellooo? Specifically far right, old and white, FOX News lovin', conservative toady,Republicans. A corporate funded baby spawned and supported by(aptly named) corporate machine Dick Armey.
As to the Democrats not knowing what to make of 'Baggers, that(IMHO) is just an another example of NEWS that the "news" media has completely bungled, intentionally or not. Another one of those distractions they love to completely babble about but ignore the gritty details. A few more? The war on(unapproved) drugs, The Health care bill, Iraq, George W. Bush, etc, etc.
And yes, I understand that this is Kentucky after all where Rand(Sarah Palin Loves Him!) Paul will likely be the Republican senate nominee.

Alas..Alack...For want of "News"..

Gotta go; Going to the country this evening for overnight. Unemployed again and STILL looking for a good job. Have a great weekend passerbys...


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