Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Notes; Kentucky Primary Day - Conway, Mongiardo, Grayson and Paul, Oh My!

I'm voting Jack Conway over Conservo-Dem Daniel Mongiardo in today's Kentucky primary. Conway is probably at best a middle-of-the-road Democrat. But I'll still give him a shot over Mister "corporate" Mongiardo. Once I see his actual day-by-day policies I could well regret it. On the other hand I've seen Lt. Governor Mongiardo's actions and haven't approved of a lot especially his stand on mountain-top-removal coal mining. Attorney General Conway's campaign has been touting the support of another corporate Dem-Toady Ben Chandler which certainly hasn't helped him in my view but that's just me. Interesting to see how it turns out.
Regarding the other side, I watched some of MSNBC's coverage this morning and I'm not sure they realize there are Democrats running in Kentucky also. Their complete focus was the Republican vs. Republican battle of Rightwing Trey Grayson vs. FAR Rightwing, Rand "son of Ron" Paul. Their bottom screen ticker was calling Trey Grayson a Moderate(are you kidding me, BWAHAHAHAHA, are there REALLY ANY moderate Repubs left in AMerica?) and calling Paul a "conservative". Chuckles Todd interviewed both giving them the air time with no mention of the Dem's KY primary battle. Now to be fair I didn't watch the whole program so somewhere along the way the Democratic campaign may have been mentioned.
Grayson has the support of the white collar Republicans including DICK Dick Cheney, Rick Santorum, Mitch "Mo'Money" McConnell, Rudy Giuliani and Hal Rogers. Moderate? Not in the least. Rand Paul's posse includes Sarah "$30,000aspeech teabagger" Palin, Jim DeMint, James "Holier-than-thou" Dobson, Steve "I'm Rich!" Forbes and Jim "Where Am I?!" Bunning. This IS gonna be interesting! That's my notes, now don't forget to vote!
I'm now going to do my daily search for that mythical beast, a decent job. What say you Conway, Mongiardo, Grayson and Paul? Think I'll find it? I'm losing hope....
BTW...if Jack Conway and Daniel Mongiardo had a son he'd be called "Jack Daniels" BAH-DA-BOOM!
Later surfers.


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