Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Anyone Miss Dubya? And Some Kentucky Politics

Hell No! Not even a little.
I agree with John Cole.

In Kentucky the politics are picking up. A lot of it is(as always) quite hilarious. Trey Grayson and Rand Paul(yes Ron's son) are trying to out Wingnut each other in the race for retiring old white guy Jim Bunning's Senate seat. Trey Grayson has endorsements on his webpage from(brace yourself) BOTH Rudy Giuliani and "DICK" Dick Cheney. Can Rand Paul beat that? I saw a new Rand commercial today in which he brags that he's been "endorsed" by Sarah Palin.
This is Kentucky after all, so it's probably not a bad move to aim at the Tea-party, Faux News faithful with Sarah-cudda. Of course with me, or any left of wingnut, thinking person an endorsement from Sarah brings a lot of jokes to mind and not much else. On the other side Lt. Guv Daniel "more conservative than thee" Mongiardo tries to out Republican them. Kind of a Ben Chandler technique. So far the brainiest of the whole bunch from a Liberal Progressive perspective seems to be Jack Conway, so far anyway, at least he's not brown-nosing the teabaggers and Palin(yet).


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