Friday, April 09, 2010

Hard Jobs, New Careers, and World of Warcraft Lingo Kid

Hello World(to the tune of "Hello Walls")...

I've been working 12pm~8:30pm every day for a week. Little time left for doing much of anything else. A frighteningly complicated new job I have with the state of Kentucky in a veteran's nursing home. "Food service" of all things, frighteningly complicated, high volume; 3 meal a day, 7 days a week for more than 280 old folks. 2 menu choices with a chopped version and a "pureed" version for people who can't take solids(you haven't lived till you've seen pureed bread, pureed cookies, etc). Anyway, like I said high volume meal prep. I'm in an alien career holding pattern while desperately looking for another "office job". I've spent 30 years working a job as a computer/drafter and "office specialist". While still looking(desperately)for another, I'm now forced to learn a completely alien career bottom up at the young age of 56.
As you can imagine I haven't been sleeping well...No time for Blogging, or even much Internet... but we're surviving here. The job's got good benefits and merit so I can have dibs on other jobs in the system, NOT just food service jobs, if I don't find another job before then or if I can last 6 months at it.
I'm OFF work tomorrow, so I can relax a bit, pretend I got a buzz, surf, and play World of Warcraft!!! YEAH BABEE!!
Hope your world is well. the little time I've been online each day has been Progressive news, just trying to keep up on it, and playing WoW, of course.
In the orientation for this state of Kentucky job that I now have I met another WoW fiend. We started talking about it during a break. He has "4 level 80's and a death knight". I have 6 characters but the highest is only fifty.
Today my trainer and I were walking through a dining room and WoW fiend Daren was helping some residents at a table. As we walked by I sort of leaned over towards Daren and the conversation then went like this:

Me: "Hey Daren, three Horde attacked Stormwind City this morning
Daren: (laughs)Really?
Me: "Yeah,this morning, my 36 Mage got wasted pretty quick(laugh). They were finally killed but did a ton of damage,dead gaurds and players. Fun to see though. There was a mass of high level guards and Alliance on them. Finally brought 'em down. Time I made it back from the graveyard they were all dead.
Daren: Was one of them a Pally? They are TOUGH!
Me: Not sure. Probably, I died to quick(another laugh)"

That last was said as my trainer and I got on the elevator. Afterwards I wondered what my trainer, others nearby and (especially)the residents thought of our little conversation.
Anyways, gonna read some news, I know there isn't one offering me office jobs(Sob) but I'll check my email anyway and then play some WoW.
Good night world, have a safe weekend.
Take care of each other and only die online..

Just for chuckles and to post a pic here's "human Pally, Gentry";

Night all..

"Are you scared Ron?"
-Said to me by a girl co-worker tonight who may have been doing this kind of work her whole life.


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