Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Things to Amaze Republican Friends - Facts and Figures on HCR

I'm almost afraid to put "Republican" in a title post. Google Ads already often has some bizarre notion that this is a Republican site. Or maybe they just splash Repub ads to annoy me. It works..
Anyhoo, here's the Booman with those HCR figures.

For your wingnut friends, the White House just sent over an analysis of what health care reform will do district by district and state by state. Pass it along.

Every National corporate "news" channel this evening(exception Ed Shultz, MSNBC) were working their asses off to depict the loathsome teabaggers as American heroes linked to the founding father. After that old criminal Karl Rove was brought on NBC(National Breath of Conservatives) and prodded to bloviate about how the astro-turf/corporate funded teabaggers are patriots. I gave up and headed downstairs for some blessed Internet news with Ed Shultz in the background.
Also while I'm on Blog, Yes I do know that my nearly Republican Congressman Ben Chandler(RDem, KY) voted no on HCR every chance he could.


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