Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Health Care, Cable News Elites

FINALLY. I can sit down, relax and look at the "progressive" view of the news. On the Nets of course. Have to get up EARLY now to be at work by 8AM, and we're not supposed to use the Internet there for "personal use". My new job starts in 1 week and as a cook I'm sure I won't have access to a computer at that job, much less the web.
Sooo...from here on out looks like I'll have to wait till evening now to do all my computer Internet/stuffs.
I did watch and/or hear some of the talking head "News" on corporate cable this morning while getting ready. To them it's STILL a "he said, she said" world, with Republican talking points STILL dominating the discourse. The millionaire gang on NBC's Today Show seemed to be in a catty mood on the health care bill. Particularly Merideth Vieira. She was virtually sneering at David Axelrod when asking him about Republican(you know, the "bi-partisan" party) comments. I also heard comments by both Grampy McPain and Newt "serial adulteror" Gingrich within a few moments

Republicans, the party of "death panels";
Assassinations Threatened Because of HCR


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