Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sign Up For President Obama's "Organizing For Health Care"

This sounds pretty good. The Obama/DNC "Organize for Health Care" petition to Congress.
Now if the President and the Congressional Democrats won't allow it to be smothered in it's crib by insurance lobbyists, corporate media, corporate Republicans, etc. Please sign up and hope.
P.S. I'm on a rare visit to the old Blogcenter. Seems like there's more to do when unemployed than when I was working full time.
Maybe I'll start a little "art object item of the week" auction to make a living.
On 40 hits a day!!
I'd starve!
Anyway, it's WAAAAYYYY past time for a decent form of National health insurance. Help make it happen.
Back later(sooner or..)


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