Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Stephen Howell | Kentucky Artists You Should Know

Being a wanna be landscape painter myself, I'm a big fan of Stephen Howell of Lexington. Steve's not only a friend but someone who's work I admire a lot.
With a little bit realism, a little bit impressionism, and a mix of other styles in his work. With a use of light and color I admire greatly Steve's an artist that should be in lots of galleries around town and around the state.
If he were more interested in showing and advertising his work and weren't tied to the "9 to 5" ball and chain I think he would be.
Below is a image of his latest(unfinished) work, in oil, of a frozen in time waterfall in Kentucky's Red River Gorge.

Now speaking of "9 to 5" I'm off to check out a few more job sites myself. I may get to read some news and be back later.


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