Sunday, April 26, 2009

Real Time | Former CIA Official Bob Baer On Waterboarding

Bob Baer's a former CIA officer. He appeared on Bill Maher's Real Time a few days ago and discussed torture, specifically "waterboarding" as torture, and why torture doesn't work.

That the media is still debating this is the most amazing thing and going into convoluted language("enhanced interrogation techniques") to say TORTURE. Our armed forces executed Japanese soldiers in WW2 for waterboarding POW's.
Here's John Amato:

It's very annoying that we still have to bring people out to explain over and over again that waterboarding is torture and "torture is bad.

We have to blame the media on this in reality because torture apologists will do and say anything to cloud the truth, but the media endlessly debates the same things over and over again. It's settled law and has been settled for decades. Torture is illegal and torture is a crime.


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