Monday, May 11, 2009

Obama Fires Top General McKiernan

One other quick note. I see that President Obama just fired the General in charge of the Afghanistan hornet.

Photo here.

It's going to be interesting to see what the "new approach" is and if it'll work. How many of these wars will they have to have(I know, I know, how many wars period) of winning hearts and minds by slaughtering civilians, and then absolving themselves of any blame?

"..Gates went on to insist on the moral superiority of the American military, whose killing of civilians he described as “accidental” as opposed to “deliberate” killing by the Taliban. He went on to charge that the insurgents “mingle with civilians” and use them as “human shields.” Similar claims have been made by every military power engaged in a dirty colonial-style war.."

"..There is overwhelming and irrefutable evidence that the deaths were caused by a US bombardment, including the testimony of survivors as well as photographs and videos that have been taken at the scene, showing demolished houses and villagers picking pieces of US bombs from the rubble.."

Anyway we'll see what it amounts to. Night all


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