Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh Noes, World Class Auto Superstore Open Again!

Bad news for people looking for an honest deal for a car. World Class Auto Super(crooks)store in Nicholasville KY appears to be open again.

Their lot has been empty for a long time due to legal actions by the state attorney's office. Because, well, because they were crooks. As I drove by there yesterday going to work it was full of cars. So be beware car shoppers! If you MUST go there looking for a deal. Be prepared, have your best anti-crooks armour up. Triple check your paperwork, walk out and think over ANY deal, at least overnight. I'm sure these guys haven't changed in the least. Go here, here, here and even here...
Goodluck. And if you can go somewhere else do so..

Note: That isn't one of their guys but(IMO) he fits them perfectly.

Update: Drove by again today and noted that the dealership is opening under a different name, "Auto Plaza" or something like that. I'd almost bet the same crooks will still be the owners.


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