Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jaywalking in Dreamland | Barry Crimmins

Every few months I run over to Barry Crimmins hangout because I know by then he'll have thrown up a couple more morsels of thought provoking mayhem for me to indulge myself with. Here's one of the new ones requiring a read:

Jaywalking in Dreamland
"..Were a real left (meaning a populist, people-first left - not some Stalinist authoritarian left) simply allowed a seat at today's (and the past 60 years') political table -because everyone actually at the table gets accommodated sooner or later - we'd have a Renewed Deal including:

Legitimate national health care (not often worthless, price-gouged insurance but actual health care, like most of the rest of the world has.)

A solid jobs program that isn't funneled through corporate vampires skilled at diverting funds for the needy into the accounts of the greedy. Leading to...

A resulting revivified federal infrastructure and a much healthier environment.

Greatly improved protections and circumstances for workers (as opposed to our current situation in which we're expected to express gratitude for still having not only our own jobs but large portions of the jobs laid-off workers used to do -- often for less money than we made when our doomed comrades were still around to help lighten the load. Thanks again!)

Federal initiatives on crucial issues such as alternative energy that are not dictated and detoured by the energy monoliths currently robbing and poisoning us.

An understanding that the deserved collapse of enormous multinational swindlers benefits us little folks. There is no business too big to fail. (Unfortunately there is also no lie too big to tell.)

The end of the futility and madness of literally matching the rest of the world dollar-for-dollar in military spending. This would instantly improve our circumstances at home and our standing in the world.

A livelier arts community in big and small towns throughout our nation because where there is art, there is hope. Where there are artistic get-togethers there is lively local discourse -- always a boon to genuine democracy.

Portrayal of the left's views in the media as a normal part of the political debate and not as extremist prattle that is somehow bringing down our nation.."
Go enjoy.


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