Monday, September 27, 2010

Steal Spoiled Ben Stein's Money

I'm sure most readers have heard about poor Ben Stein's whine about the guv'ment wanting to take more of his hard earned(not!) money by returning income tax levels to pre-dubya days.
Some, shall we say, more patriotic Americans, consider it an honor to give more to their country. Here's tv producer Linda McGibney on CBS News Sunday Morning:

Note; I'm still kickin'. Not Blogging much. Have gotten a semi-fascination w/Facebook and still working my low-end Asst. chef job 30~35 hrs. week, BUT, I emailed 2 resumes last night, "snail mailed" one this morning, and faxed 2 more a bit earlier today.
Sooo, I'm still out there working the systems trying to reach my pre-dubya/Republican finacial disaster income(nowhere near Stein's of course), and we're getting by(barely).
Try my life Ben Stein, you insipid arse, you'd be tickled pink to pay more in taxes on your plush income.
"Why does Ben Stein wear a necktie? To keep his foreskin from creeping up!"


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