Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blog Check! - Photo; Orchidaceae, Summer Day, Close-up

Still around Net surfers(crickets...)!
Just awfully busy for someone who's barely makin'it. I did have a job interview yesterday. It went well and I knew going in that I didn't have a very good chance of getting it. It's just a receptionist/secretary position(yes, I'll GLADLY take a secretary/receptionist job, if it's FULL time with benefits!). I'm pretty sure they're looking for someone half my age, not my gender and probably a degree. It would be a pretty good little job though. We'll see, I gave it my best shot. If I don't hear by Wednesday I'll know I didn't get it.
Have to work tonight at my low-end part time job:-( Gotta start getting ready in a few minutes for that.
Anyway, I'm still kickin' and just wanted to check in.
Not much Blogging, Tweeting or anything going on these days. Here's one of the photo shots I took today on the deck.

An orchid I rescued that's been doing great out there in the semi-shade. Be back later. Going to look at some news. Like everyone I've been keeping my fingers crossed that the gulf oil leak is shut off for good. More later.


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