Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stop Serving the Opposition; Donate, Support Spines For Democrats

Damn, I'll second this:

"At the start of 2010, Democrats held the House, the White House, and a filibuster-proof margin in the Senate. They were put there by the largest, most energized, most committed electorate ever assembled. They were funded in large part by a broad base of individual donations that left them extraordinarily free to pursue policies without the threat of losing money supplied through a few select large donors. The electorate that had placed them in power knew well enough the policies they represented and the change they wanted to implement, and that electorate awarded them with majorities not seen in forty years.

Opposing them was a fading Republican Party whose policies had brought on a decade of disaster complete with unfinished wars, a crumbling economy, and intentional mismanagement of issues from health care to the environment. The combination of unrepentant greed, xenophobia, and brutality that is conservatism had proven no more practical in this application than it had in previous attempts, and the GOP was reduced to a boiling mix of regional interests confined to the South East and busy with their own internal struggles.

Democrats were primed to go on the offense. Ahead of them was a raft of issues: the right of workers to organize, universal health care, restriction of greenhouse gases, the creation of jobs, the regulation of an financial sector run amok, the reversal of laws that promote bias and hatred, the resolution of those bungled wars, rolling back a tide of eroded civil rights, and restraining the growing economic gap between a few elites and the vast majority of Americans. No party had faced so great a challenge -- or had so great an opportunity -- in more then seventy years. There was quite literally nothing to fear but their own shadows and nothing in their way but their own egos.

Sadly, that proved more than sufficient."
Go here for some Liberal perspective on Obama's first year from Princeton politics and African American studies professor Melissa Harris-Lacewell and journalist Eric Alterman on Bill Moyer's Journal Friday night. I tried to embed it with no luck. I think I have a crush on Professor Harris-Lacewell, brains and beauty.

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