Sunday, January 24, 2010

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I've started playing Lord of the Rings Online(10 free trial of course) another MMORPG similar to WoW. So far I prefer World of Warcraft, buuuut I haven't really played LOTR online enough to get a comfortable feel for it, get the game controls set as I like them, etc. Of course in ten days they'll be set pretty good when it runs out(c:.
Look there's me!

So far it feels pretty awesome in the gameplay department.
More later maybe, after it's over.


Hey, As always; If you can donate do so at the upper right.
My unemployment checks are over looks like. I'm still applying to about 10+ jobs a week(Blogging doesn't make a living), online and out in the world.
And yes I've cut out WoW, to expensive. As much as I love it, and gaming. I feel guilty when I'm Blogging 'cause I'm not looking for work instead.
Things are getting "interesting" as an old Chinese curse goes.
Give to Haiti, animals, your favorite charities, and then, theeen if you have some extra bucks, give a few to a needy Blogger. Thank you...!


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