Sunday, December 13, 2009

This Just In; Can FOX News Do Basic Math?

Found this at Open Salon. Check out the poll numbers in these neat little charts from FOX. Anything seem odd?

See the rest.

I mean, you'd think that at some point even a FOX News viewer would go; "What the! Hey now, wait just a doggone minute! 73% + 63% + 60% equals? Aah...Aah..
Look over there, evil Democrats! Evil Democrats!!


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At 9:58 AM, Blogger Eric Schansberg said...

Almost as funny as Al Gore on the temperature of the earth's center. ;-)

At 11:17 AM, Blogger Dean said...

You should have left a link for that Gore comment. Since I don't watch Faux, CNN, etal. I was forced to Google it.:-)
This seems to be THE hot winger "attack Al Gore" topic of the week and I was completely unaware.
Is not being able to add funnier than Al Gore mis-speaking on the earth's core temperatures? IMO I think that will depend on your Rightwinger ratio. I'd actually bet that the average FOX watcher not only doesn't know the core temperature of earth, or the temperature of the sun but believes with all their little hearts that the earth itself is 5,000+- years old. Who's funnier? It's just a matter of perspective.
Looks to me like the dumbest thing poor Al Gore did there was not come out immediately(not that it would have made any difference to Rightwingers) and say, "Sorry folks, I messed up. I meant to say thousands, not millions".
Now, what the Democrats need to do is have Al Gore come out in favor of what we're against and come out opposed to what we're for. The Rightwing's brains would be exploding like firecrackers, and/or they're do our every bidding just to spite the EVIL/STUUPIT Al Gore:-)


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