Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hello Surfers! Another Post to Show I'm Still Breathing/Unemployed Sucks!/My Stations

Greetings all.
Hope you've had a Great weekend and a nice Christmas season!
Mine's been a bit depressing. My job for the last 23+ years I always got a Xmas bonus which was(obviously) a blessing this time of year and that's no more along with a LOT less money period. BUUUuut, there are lot's of people who have it a LOT worse than I. So as always, there's that.
It's a strange times though..the Blog even seems pointless a lot(Gasp!). It affects everything. ANYWAY enough of that, I keep the fires burning here every now and then so I'm alive and online.

Completely unrelated. Here's my Station selection on Pandora Internet Radio at this very moment(I know, how exciting);

Alternative/Pop Rock
Celtic Traditional
Classical Christmas
British Invasion
Delta Blues
Old Time Country
Alternative Country
Opera, Arias
New Age Mix
New Age Pop
Grunge/Seattle sound

Note; Understand, these are all my first selections from the list. Not that long ago I frequented Slacker.

Just checking in. Oh, and I may have a job. It's almost twice as far away and pays about $5.40 less an hour(shoot me now).:-/

Note: One more note on reading this post(and others); If I had a decent editor I might have been a "writer", or Blogger of Note:-)


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