Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday Blogging On This And That... Oh, And Baby Raccoons!

Thought I'd log on while waiting for the family to get home from Ohio. Amazing what's going on in Iran. Once again the Internet opens doors for freedom. It's turning ugly there.
Don't have much to say at the moment. Got to play some extra WoW while they were gone(Yay!). I'm going to check the weather radar right now and surf for a bit. Here's a little happy ending story from Yahoo while I'm looking around:

Oh, and from those guys at JibJab, A VERY Happy father's Day:

Quick thought of the day before I move on; Will someone ask those Republican(and a few Democratic) politicians that are out there ranting about this HOWWIBLE effort to get decent health care for every citizen that wants it-what kind of health care THEY have, and how good THEIR health care is?


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