Monday, June 08, 2009

Words To Say Aloud | "A Different Sound"

A Different Sound

There’s a different sound to the month of June with broader bandwidth silences between motor noises in distant skies, or close at hand on the road, these long, delicious silences perhaps reflecting certain rare moments in adolescence when the rigid, confining, imperious adult world of education, politics, peers & family impinged upon a grand desire for Freedom. Silences of Freedom heard in their broader bandwidths heralding return of subtle, internal revolt against the world’s prescriptions. Yesterday we erected a huge eight-foot-high-cedar-stockade fence against the back edge of the property. Ah, the silence it provides against neighbors who mistreat pets, clamor for more material goods; our yellow roses bow in homage to the silence of Freedom. I told her, too, in low tones during our walk around Back Cove as wind ushered up sunlight off the water, that if good fences make good neighbors, we’ll have great neighbors. June with her broader bandwidth silences between dog moans & children’s cries, between fears & angst of a newer world gone wrong, again, the unmistakable & recognizable silent tone of June I crave & savor.
-Robert Gibbons


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