Thursday, May 21, 2009

STILL Glad It's A Democrat, Still Glad It's Obama

I'll tell my Republican friends and family at times about the untrustworthiness of ALL politicians. How they disappoint you again and again. Of course being Republicans they still cannot really bring themselves to criticise Dick and dubya. There is a MAJOR point that I usually make to them towards the end of my rants. Anytime I see this guy:

Cheney insists he is the same person(an evil DICKtard?).

..And realize that we could have had Igor McCain(leading up the rear here):

I'm always brought back to my rejoicing of Nov. 5, 2008 and America's absolute delight that Obama won. There's more reasons each and every day. Here's some of today's reasons:

President Expected to Sign Credit Card Reform Legislation

President Expected to Sign Bill that Addresses Fraudulent Mortgage Lenders and Corporations

Health Care Reform

Obama Administration's National Fuel Efficiency Policy

And today's biggie; Obama strikes back at the Wingnuts:
Obama says US Prisons Tough Enough For Detainees.
Related bit: Video from yesterday's speech regarding Guantanamo prisoners and torture among other things. Good speech:

The one thing about it that I find highly disturbing is his idea(actually a Bush/Cheney idea) of KEEPING some prisoners in a legal no man's land of incarceration with no way out.
I didn't like that from Cheney/Bush and I don't like it from Obama.


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