Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Drilling Answer In Just Over A Minute

This morning my local paper dubbed the "Herald-Libral" by wordy conservatives had their usual 4 to 1 conservative advantage in their editorial page. From John Stossel(actually sane today), to Bill "Luffa" O'Reilly, and pearl clutcher David Broder whining about the Obama mystery. All they needed was Mona Charon to round out their usual Sunday conservathon.
Progressive voices represented? None, unless you count Paul Krugman and I suppose you probably could. He seems to live in the reality-based world most of the time.
We're going to see a movie this afternoon and family voting says it's going to be "Wall-E". I'll take a few minutes and throw up a post before it's time to go. For the above rant and to ask if we can call these Olympics the "Duhbya Olympics" brought to you by NBC and GE?
Oh, and to paste up the following video.

From the caterwauling you'd think ANWR and off-shore drilling gifts to the oil companies were the Republican's last hope for our country. Here's an instructional little video that tells you a few things that the corporate "news" probably isn't allowed to:


Update Note: I tried to edit this post earlier tonight for an hour and Blogger kept kicking me out. If I can actually edit it now I want that noted.
Oh, and WALL-E was pretty good.


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