Tuesday, August 05, 2008

On Ron Suskind's New Book

Also from This Modern World is this little item from Ron Suskind's new book "The Way of the World".

CIA Agent Allegedly Involved in Forged Iraq Letter Ran Previous Operation to Create Pretext for War
In Ron Suskind’s interview
on NPR today (and also in his new book), he names CIA operative John Maguire as one of the people allegedly involved in the Iraq letter forging..


I saw ToadyToday Show's Meredith Vieira do a poor interview of Ron Suskind this morning. I believe more and more that to be a modern tv "journalist", you have to forget everything you know and wake up every day with no memory of what's been said or done the days before. I had a lot more written but Blogger just screwed me and threw it away. Just read the article and for heaven's sake don't get your news from corporate tv only.


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