Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fancy Farm Update

Photo: 2007

Larry Dale Keeling, the Kykurmudgeon gives us a report on the barbeque and politics from this year's Fancy Farm Picnic.

Scenes from a sweltering Fancy Farm Picnic

"..Considering the heat, it was good that a variety of groups were handing out statement-making fans. The most creative came from the D's and offered the following Top 10 Reasons to Re-elect Mitch McConnell:

"10. $4.00 per gallon gas is too cheap.

"9. Chinese jobs are more important than ours.

"8. Health insurance is overrated.

"7. Millionaires deserve tax breaks more than I do.

"6. The minimum wage is too high.

"5. I prefer my tax dollars going to build bridges in Iraq instead of building bridges in Kentucky.

"4. Working three jobs is the American Dream.

"3. Seniors shouldn't get a free ride called Social Security and veterans don't deserve benefits.

"2. $9.5 trillion in national debt just isn't enough.

"1. I want the next six years to be worse than the last six."


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