Sunday, February 11, 2007

More Woes for Governor Fletch

Good Times, Good Times

More troubles for our Dear Repub Guv. Ernie Fletcher. Who would have thought that a Republican in the heady days of George W. Bush would have let cronyism and sleaze run his administration into the ground? Oh wait, nevermind, just go read Larry Dale Keeling:
Lexington Herald Leader-Feb. 11, 2007

.."Druen told investigators that the governor's office provided him with its own access code to a Republican National Committee database where he checked job candidates' party affiliation and political contributions.
He described the development of the Governor's Personnel Initiative that prosecutors labeled a "corrupt political machine."
He told of the warnings administration officials received from some of their own staffers that what they were doing was wrong and how those warnings were ignored.
He talked about "Sadie" asking for a list. ("Sadie" was the name Fletcher used for his personal e-mail account.)
He said Transportation Secretary Bill Nighbert told him, as Druen was in the process of drawing up the infamous "hit list," to "make sure you put those bitches on there ... they are our enemies."
Finally, he described a meeting in Fletcher's office at which the "hit list" was handed to the governor, who said it should be given to Basil Turbyfill, one of Fletcher's aides."

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