Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bush Slashes Aid to the Poor and the Old For His War

Surprise, dubya likes war and war profiteering more than old people and poor people!

Bush slashes aid to poor to boost Iraq war chest

"President George Bush is proposing to slash medical care for the poor and elderly to meet the soaring cost of the Iraq war..."

"...The Vietnam war cost about $614bn at today's prices. According to the congressional Research Service, the Iraq war has so far cost $500bn. About 90% of the spending on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars goes to Iraq..."

"..In the run-up to the invasion in 2003, the Pentagon's projected estimate of the total cost of the war was $50bn. A White House economic adviser, Lawrence Lindsey, was fired by President Bush when he suggested that the total cost would be $200bn.

The New York Times noted that the cost of the war would have paid for universal healthcare in the US, nursery education for all three and four-year-olds in the country, immunisation for children round the world against a host of diseases, and still leave about half of the money left over..."



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