Tuesday, November 16, 2010

China's Oil Consuming Monster/Just Like A Blogger

Blog infusion*
I would have thought that the Chinese would have learned from us and moved to extensive public transport. Instead they're following us merrily into an oil based dead end.

China says its growth is about development, not luxury like in the West. But where'd all the bikes go?

*Just keeping the old Blog on life support. While I figure out whether I want to keep messing with it. As a sort of "Net life journal" it's had a pretty good run. About 5 years now. It's rather amazing that I kept it going as long as I did. Just like a real Blogger:-} and all in all it's been fun...on the other hand..
Life now is low-wage part-time cooking job, trying to find a better job, trying not to get discouraged and trying to survive financially. That's life today. I'm having to put almost all my energy into that. With family, WoW and Facebook thrown in.
I tend to be long winded when writing personally(along with needing good editing) but I'll be brief, no one else will probably read this anyway....
If there was anyone that followed me, Thanks..I'll be back in a few 2 give another Blog infusion:-)


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