Saturday, October 16, 2010

Obama's Weekly Address, On Outsourcing Jobs Overseas

Has President Obama lost his love and longing for bi-partisanship with RGOP(Rabid Grand Old Party)? Here he is in this week's speech showing Republicans* as(always) grand old hypocrits regarding American jobs.

* Note; Not that I consider the Democrats a ton better. BUT, they are better...There's the rub.
I've been on a bit of a sabbatical from the old Blog. For one thing this low-end part time chef job I have has varying hours, and that's been difficult. We have our first granddaughter(YAY), I'm STILL looking for a good job. All that means little time...Annnddd, I've also finally given in and joined Facebook. It's begun to take the (little) time I had for my pet Blog here.
Between Twitter and Facebook, work, WoW, etc. My vague little known Blog is becoming an orphan Alas...I'll keep it in suspended animation long as I can. Mourned by only me(sniffle).


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