Monday, July 26, 2010

Death Squads in Afghanistan

Surprise! US Using death squads in Afghanistan.

I just can't imagine what Obama & Co. Think they're accomplishing by this. Dozens of women and children killed a few days ago...Are we winning hearts and minds yet Barack?


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At 10:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your title is very misleading. By saying "death squads" you're making it sound as though they were being tasked with murdering civilians that disagreed with the government. In fact, they were tasked with killing enemy leaders and bomb makers and the deaths of civilians were accidents. The leaked documents don't even make it sound like they were reckless about civilian casualties.

It's pretty terrible to accuse people of murder just because you disagree with the war. By distorting the truth to fulfill your own goals you're no better than the govt you accuse of trying to hide war crimes (accidentally killing civilians due to faulty intelligence isn't a war crime)

At 11:58 PM, Blogger Dean said...

"Misleading"? What's misleading about DEATH SQUADS?
They're unit(s) tasked with hunting and assasinating people. A classic definition of "death squads" from back in the Ronald Reagon's glory days in Central America. And their use going back much farther than that.
And what are those "enemy leaders", often it's those, "civilians that disagreed with the government". I'm sure the scores of civilians killed by "accident" are just fine with the idea of being "accidents" or collateral damage if you prefer.
I didn't say they were reckless about civilian deaths. IMO, they don't care much one way or another, whether it's 5 civilians in the way or a wedding party.
Is it really "pretty terrible" to accuse death squads of murder? Is it as pretty terrible as the innocents being obliterated for Obama's occupation?
As for "distorting the truth", did you even read the original
So, by reporting what has been published in numerous articles I'm "no better" than government death squads killing a score of innocents to take out one targeted "terrorist", who'll be replaced in a week or so anyway.
As for, "accidently killing civilians due to faulty intelligence isn't a war crime", well that'll depend on your definition of "accidently", "faulty intelligence", aaaannnd "war crimes".
Of course you and I aren't even going to agree on what a death squad is, so there's that....


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