Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Rumours of My Dearth...The Working Life, Under-Employed...And Factory

Just to throw up a notice.
I'm still kicking Net World! I've been back in the "working life" for about the last three weeks. The new job brings in a(much smaller) cash flow while I continue looking for the apparently extinct CAD/computer/office job for someone over fifty five.
I'm a Republican/Libertarian's wet dream; Someone who lost his unemployment because he felt pressured to take a low paying job - did so, realized what a stupid mistake he'd made and quit, like an idiot, hoping(if done quick enough) it wouldn't affect the unemployment benefits. Shorter story - They took away my unemployment benefits. Because I'd taken a low-paying deplorable job(for a person my age) out of a feeling of obligation and desperation and quit a day after accepting a low paying deplorable job.
The actually stupid part of the whole thing was my accepting that job. But I had no idea when I did what I was getting into. That was in December of last year and there's been NO benefits since.
The job I have now is still low paying(a bit over half of what I made before laid off), hard work, late night, BUT it's NOT a nightmare like the one(s) I've quit, not near as much anyway, this one even has a union(after) 30 days). It'll have to do while I look, or till George Soros starts sending me my checks.
Anyway, late hours, not getting enough sleep, work, job search, WoW and life's chores, but I'll be back.
I'm alive and it's beautiful day here, sunny, with a nice breeze. I could be living along the shore of BP's Louisiana or on the coast of South Texas(hurricane) right now.
I'm still hanging online when I can. And speaking of better jobs(ba da boom), I'm going to go look online for a few minutes. Look at some news articles, then play some WoW(YAY!), later children...
Here's Bruce Springsteen with what I always thought was one of the best songs about the working life, "Factory":

The video part isn't great but it's the best "live" audio version I could find. TURN it Up....!

Blogging is also "HAAAAaaaarrrddd work!":-) Seems like it's taken me an hour to do this one little spot. Ciao...

Oh, and stop Republicanism!


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