Monday, June 21, 2010

Hitler Mashups, New Job Means No Blogging?

Greetings Web travelers!
Just a post or two to let my poor (nearly)abandoned Blog know I'm still kicking. Blogs don't pay bills(at least mine don't) and I'm working again. At a crazy schedule to. From 6pm till 2am, the peak Blogger hours. It's not the job I'd choose but it will have to do to help pay bills while I continue to look for something better. You know, that dream "research/computer/office" gig. I have an interview Friday for a perhaps somewhat better job. See how that goes
Anyhoo, that's the story. I'm in new job limbo trying to learn the ropes in this new(est) job. Not a lot of time for my lil' orphaned Blog. No unemployment left or other funds so for us to survive I gotta work. My "free time" is spent looking for something better, household chores, and WoW(it provides a decent escape), and life's miscellaneous emergencies(plenty of those).
Without further ado, and to prove my continued Blog existence here's some of the, "Hitler mashups" which seem to cover every topic, and which I love.
The first one is Hitler demanding the legalization of marijuana:

And next Hitler gets banned from World of Warcraft:

Search Hitler mashups, you'll get tons of them.

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