Tuesday, February 09, 2010

This Just In: (Christian)God In The Classroom Is Not Just A Republican Mantra

We now present Kentucky's Christian Taliban wing of the Democratic party.


Bill would let schools teach Bible literacy

Frankfort — Three Democratic state senators are pushing a proposal to give public schools the option of teaching the Bible as an elective social studies course.

The class would "teach students knowledge of biblical content, characters, poetry and narratives that are pre requisites to understanding contemporary society and culture," said Sen. David Boswell, D- Owensboro, the primary sponsor of Senate Bill 142.

Boswell, a Catholic, said the bill is intended to teach Bible literacy as an academic course, "not as the only religion," but opponents labeled the proposal an unconstitutional "back-door approach to teaching religion."

I wonder what Sen. David Boswell(D, Catholic) thinks of all the priests sexually abusing those children in his church? Let him tend his priests and church and keep his(and anyone else's) religion out of the classrooms.
Note: I graduated from a Baptist high school(OBI; Oneida Baptist Institute, Oneida KY) and took the mandatory 2 years of Bible study. It certainly didn't harm me, I was a junior and then Senior at the time. I remained what I've been pretty much throughout my life, a proud Agnostic. BUT with that said, the key point in this(IMO) is; That was a PRIVATE school and these are PUBLIC schools that these Christian Senators are pushing Christian idealogy into. Now if they were to make this an "elective" study of the documents of all/other religions including the bible.
To make it short(I have jobs to look for) Mr. Kagin says it best.

"A rampant violation of the separation of church and state."
-Edwin F. Kagin, national legal director of American Atheists

Making an appearance, going go look for a job now.
Back later today(hopefully).


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