Sunday, February 07, 2010

I'm Logged In World! | Kentucky Vs LSU - Videos

I'm back Blogworld. If nothing else the Internet "tubes" will know I'm still kicking.
Here's a little item. Yesterday the Kentucky Wildcats demolished LSU, at LSU. It was expected to be sure, but when you actually start rooting for the other team to make a three pointer you know it's a blowout.
No matter if you like Kentucky basketball or not. If you're just an occasional basketball fan you should have fun watching some of the things these guys can do. Freshmen Wall and Cousins in particular. Here's some highlights:

Here's Coach John Caliperi's post game interview:

Here's a video of Demarcus Cousin's interview, mostly about how he's feels handicapped by referees watching him closer than anyone else.

Thanks to Sea of Blue and John Clay.

Still alive, and STILL doing the job searches every day. Got an interview Tuesday with American Income Life Insurance. I've read some bad things about them though and they've already deceived me about the job. So I may well call and negate that one, alas..alak.
Aah, well...Go Cats!


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