Monday, February 15, 2010

Greenwald; The Almighty Lindsey Graham Must Be Appeased

Lindsey Graham and every other Republican as far as I can tell. The Obama Doctrine seems to have become the Rahm Emanuel style of "bi-partisanship" since his swearing in. Here's Glenn Greenwald:

The all-powerful Lindsey Graham must not be displeased

"..This is the same excuse that has been offered by Obama loyalists from the start for everything from continuing radical Bush/Cheney Terrorism policies to protecting Bush crimes from disclosure and accountability: we have to do this otherwise we won't have bipartisan support for our domestic agenda. Leaving aside the perverse, Mussolini-like willingness to trade away core liberties for material benefits (just as long as the trains run on time), can someone point to all of the crucial GOP support for health care reform and the rest of Obama's domestic agenda that would have been lost had Obama angered the GOP by reversing and/or investigating Bush/Cheney Terrorism policies?

It was painfully predictable from the start that the GOP would impede Obama's agenda no matter what he did, which is what made all those "post-partisan" proclamations nothing short of sad. Where is this vital GOP cooperation that would have been lost had Obama fulfilled his campaign pledges to "change" these Terrorism and civil liberties policies? It's almost as hard to find as the secret weapon Lindsey Graham possesses for single-handedly preventing the closure of Guantanamo if he's angry.."


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