Saturday, November 07, 2009

He's Baaaack! With Astonomy Pics Of The Day!

I'm leaving for a trip down to the mountains in just a few minutes. It's a gorgeous day here..sunny and about 73deg(F). The tree foliage should be fantastics though it's a bit late. I'll be taking pictures, may post a few when I get back. Going by the old cemetery where my parents are buried down there and plant some potted perrenials. This is THE best time of year for that.
Anyway felt like making an appearance on the old Blog, it's sure not like the good ol' days when I was at a computer station at work all day and could post at will..Aah, the "days that are no more".
Before going here's a few latest favorite astronomy pics of the day, with link for description:

Galaxy Cluster JKCS041, at a distance of some 10.2 billion light years. So far away that you're observing it as it was was when the Universe was just one quarter of its current age.

Photo from NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit which is basically "Stuck" in the sand on Mars right now. From what was originally going to be a 3 month mission Spirit has worked on Mars for more than 69 months. A lonely life for a little robot on Mars:

And what can you say about Stickney Crater other that Wow.. :

Gotta go! Have a GREAT weekend passerbys and surfers...


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At 4:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the Universe! Here are best pictures of Space


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