Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Yesterday's Vote - Republicans Lose In NY 23rd

The big story from yesterday(IMHO), and most surprising, is the loss in New York's 23rd district of conservative candidate Doug Hoffman by Democrat Bill Owens. Republicans have held the seat for more than a century. Hoffman was backed by the National forces of "teabaggery", including Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Fred Thompson and more. Money poured into his campaign from out of state, including from conservative groups such as Club For Growth. I think the defining moment was when the Republican candidate Dierdre Scozzafava after bowing out of the race endorsed Bill Owens a day later:

NY 23 Election Results: Bill Owens Beats Doug Hoffman

Also Owens was far more conciliatory on winning than Hoffman would have been:

"I don't believe the vast majority of voters in the 23rd District – be they Democrats or Republicans or independents – are looking at this as a referendum on Barack Obama or as a referendum on the Republican Party or the Democratic Party or Rush Limbaugh or any of that, I think the vast majority of voters in the 23rd are saying, `We had us a great congressman in Congressman McHugh. Which of these candidates can do a better job representing me in Washington?'"

Had Hoffman won his "victory" speech would have been filled with the usual Rightwing talking points including, evils of Obama, Liberals, Big Guv'ment, tax and spend Democrats, etc. As Atrios says you can expect the media talking heads to treat this as a victory for the Republican party(it always is) in some bizarre way.
On the other hand the Republicans did gain 2 Governorships beating unpopular Democratic governors in New Jersey and Virginia.


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