Friday, March 13, 2009

Marijuana Files | Matt Lauer, Corporate Media's "Dick Of The Day"

One of the problems with being out of work is what to do while drinking my morning coffee. Unfortunately much of that time is watching corporate "InfoNews" on the tube. Case in point is the "Dick of the Day" Matt Lauer.
Matt's corporate masters at the GE/NBC Today Show had poor Michael Phelps on again for an "interview", and of course we all know beforehand what that means. As a matter of fact as they were introducing the interview I said out loud to no one in particular(no one here but me and my dogs)-"pucker up, and suck up Michael(it's time again to kiss American corporate ass, for being caught using the most benign drug known to humanity!)".
I know there's others who'd do a much better job of this semi-rant than I, The Rude Pundit for example comes to mind, but I'm sure they're engaged in much more serious work...or not. It's really the hypocracy folks. Anyone out there who thinks Matt "The Dick" Lauer has never smoked a little reefer raise your hands..and there you have it.
Media whore Matt even brought up the poor kid's mom, and made him apologize to her for using the same drug that millions of people use every day with no noticable damage. Of course I saw later that good ol' corporate Windstream has jumped on the "stomp the 8 gold medals(14 medals total) olympic swimmer" bandwagon.
Note to Jon Stewart; Have Michael Phelp's mom on your show to tell "Matt the Ho" to kiss your behind, and maybe suggest that if this is what smoking does for him maybe they should introduce it to the US Olympic locker rooms.
You know this could have been something good and the start of serious talks about our drug laws and the insanity of jailing casual marijuana users. But you can't have that. It's just more corporate Matt Lauer dancing bear tricks, Screw 'em and the corporate profits they ride in on!
Want a serious discussion of marijuana? Here's MPP's Bruce Mirken on The Rachael Maddow(bless her) Show a few days ago:


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