Friday, February 06, 2009

Our Neanderthol "News", Michael Phelps and Media Whores

Heard that the corporate "Infotainment" Today Show's having both Michael Phelps on, and the crazy bitch that had eight kids(to go with six others).
Let me see now, this is easy, they're going to handle her with kid gloves, asking her, in that classic emotive, plaintive, stroking "reporter" voice how she's holding up, about the kids, stroking her and make her into a heroine.
Michael Phelps, he of the evil killer weed. Him they'll treat like a child molester, or like he'd been seen exposing himself.
He'll be forced to apologize and grovel(Yep), because... well, because that's what Matt(Lauer's) corporate bosses want, it's what the DEA wants, and what big pharma wants.
Did I watch? Hell no! That stuff is for people who vote Republican.


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