Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Michael Phelps Vs. The Evil Weed

Dang it Michael you can't be young and human! Otherwise people would think the war on drugs isn't actually working.


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At 12:25 AM, Anonymous SunflowerPipes said...

So Michael Phelps is a guy who drinks at parties smokes a little gambles on high stakes games of beer pong and is the all time greatest Olympic medal winner he sounds like a pretty cool guy to me. Michael Phelps is an American Hero. He stood tall and made America proud at the Beijing Olympics. This is how he is treated. Michael Phelps did a tremendous amount of work to achive what he did. Who can forget the pride we felt with the each gold medal Phelps won in China, how can we as Americans forget all of those things and hang a man for smoking a glass water pipe at a college party. It is time that we as a country stand up for the rights of the individual, it’s time we stand together with our neighbors and take collective control of our destinies. Write any congressman or a senator; imagine the weight of millions of emails calling for a change in policy. Lets stop them from arresting college kids at partys in America

At 8:05 AM, Blogger Dean said...

Exactly. One of the most benign drugs known to humankind. Used for thousands of years-without killing a soul.
I do not say it's harmless, anything in excess is not good for you. BUT with that said, it's many times less harmful than the legal(and taxed) "killer" drugs.
Listen to Sunflower, and learn..


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