Wednesday, August 27, 2008

John McCain Gets Some Gasolina

From the General:

"..Remember how everyone laughed at me when some dumb bastard leaked that I couldn't use an electrical typing intertubes machine? well, I'm using one now, aren't I. I'm saying these words, Joe Lieberman is typing them; and you're reading them on the General's electrical typing intertubes machine pamphlet.

I proved 'em all wrong didn't I.

They also laughed at me when I said my favorite song was ABBA's Dancing Queen. They said it wasn't hip, but I didn't care. It ranks right up there with Turkey in the Straw and Oh Susannah in my book.

But still, you have to play their game, so I found this guy the Mexican kids like. His name is Daddy Yankee. I like that. It sounds patriotic and reminds me of Steinbrenner. He's kind of like a Daddy Yankee. Funny story. Steinbrenner invited me to his house once and when I got there, I thought it was one of my houses, so I just walked straight in and turned on the teevee. No Matlock. I thought someone had touched the channel changing thing again and reacted in the only way a man can. I kicked in the tee vee screen, tore out a a jagged piece of glass, and drove it deep into George's leg.."



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