Monday, August 25, 2008

Funny Vid | FAUX News Gets "Protested"

This is teh funny.
A "bubble headed bleach blonde" on FAUX News introduces boy reporter Griff Jenkins(yes that's the name) who is in Denver for the Democratic Convention. Fearless Griff starts "interviewing", or actually taunting the "leftist" protesters(they must be leftists to even protest you see) and for his troubles starts getting chants of "F*ck Fox News! F*ck Fox News!"
Needless to say it's cut short. Hilarious!

What's especially funny is FAUX News and Griff's comments about "protesters and leftists", lumping them all together. It's almost like watching a local tv news bit from 1970. except we get the happy ending of F*CK FOX NEWS!!


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