Sunday, July 27, 2008

Herald-Leader Shows John McCain Braving The Applesauce Aisle - Video

I tried to throw up the "John McCain attacked by applesauce" video last night but wasn't able to. Most of you have probably already seen it. Today my newspaper posted a pic from that very same supermarket trip without mention of the evil applesauce. They just showed the photo as they were supposed to, as an example of John's closeness to the "little people who have to grocery shop" I suppose, or maybe "why you don't take grandpa to the supermarket".
Even without the applesauce event the pic really doesn't do it justice. You have to actually see the video of John in the supermarket, in a dark suit and tie. A classic fish out of water. It made me wonder exactly which servant does the McCain family grocery shopping. It sure ain't "podge John".
There's an old saying that goes, "if it had been a snake it woulda got you". If those applesauce jars had been a slow sloth I think they'd have gotten Johnie there in that aisle. Anyway, here's John in the market:

Here's that Herald-Leader article;

Candidates vie for lead in polls, press coverage

They don't have the pic with the web story. Strange. But their story talks a lot about how John McCain is managing to stay in the race. Amazing how that's working out, without the "news" media's help of course.
By the way, you probably already know(unless you get all your news from tv and newspapers)-that lady "shopper" is an RNC plant. The Herald-Leader doesn't tell you that either. That wouldn't be nice to "Papa John".


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At 9:56 PM, Anonymous K Simons said...

a complete embarrassment to John McCain's prowess as a Senator and an American citizen. Someone who can't even shop, doesn't know the price of a simple gallon of milk without having to read it from a card, and who can't react to a simple spill of jars ISN'T someone I need to navigate this country out of it's financial troubles.

i have this sense that i want to get him his meds, warm up some soup and tuck him in for the night so he does no more harm to anyone/thing.

but i have my own problems so someone else is going to have to adopt this kodger and keep him in blankies and soft foods - i have my own family to deal with.

At 1:20 AM, Anonymous Allen Fondasa said...

"What's the Difference??"

Oh god, he'll eat anything.


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