Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Poor ol' NPR. I haven't listened to them in years. Every time I think about letting bygones be bygones and tuning back in I come across something like this disgruntled NPR'r.



Instead of using an alarm clock, we have our wakey-box switch on the local NPR station to roust us from our peregrinations in the land of nod. I can remember when I used to look forward to lying there for a bit and listening to Morning Edition. Now I just want to switch to the alarm clock, although I’m sure I’d be overruled on that. I did switch to the alarm clock back when NPR joined the clown parade of 24/7 blowjob coverage in the late 90s, but eventually tried them again when the sociopaths finally figured out - probably via one of the sentient ones explaining to the rest via the cartoons, hand gestures and gutteral noises required - that they weren’t getting rid of Clinton that way and resigned themselves to fixing the upcoming election in order to save the U.S. from its long national nightmare of peace and prosperity.



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