Monday, September 25, 2006

Rumsfeld's secret talks with the Canadians

Crazy(like an evil fox) Donnie Rumsfeld gets around. Now he's leading secret talks with the Canadians. They're secret because.. well.. because our "News" media doesn't want to tell you about it. So there. This is from here, here, here and many other fine sources.
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Rumsfeld Leads Secret Talks on North American Merger
Unbeknownst (and unreported) to citizens of Canada, the United States and Mexico, top government, military, and corporate leaders from all three nations secretly met in Banff this past week to pursue discussions on the merging of North American security, economy and defense.Among the officials attending were Donald Rumsfeld US Secretary of Defense; Stockwell Day Minister of Public Safety, Government of Canada; NORAD; corporate executives from Chevron, Suncor Energy and Lockheed Martin; government officials from departments of energy, trade and military; and chief ambassadors from all three nations.Staggeringly, almost no major media outlet has picked up this meeting or covered its agenda. Perhaps because the nature of that agenda has intentionally been kept secret.


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