Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Our "News" Media and our "torture" president

The Huffington Post on our "Torture" Prez.

Call It What It Is -- Bush Wants to Torture People

It's so annoying to read mainstream press articles where they dance around what the real issue is on "terror suspect interrogations." They use every euphemism in the book. Bush seeks "clarity" on interrogations. Bush wants "wider leeway" in interrogations. Bush wants "tougher interrogations."

Tougher interrogations, my ass. Bush wants to torture people.

Every single person writing those stories knows what this is really about. They are so queasy about writing the word down on paper, but they're perfectly willing to have a legitimate debate on whether we should actually do it. That makes no sense.
I wish the late Sam Kinison was
around now to shout at the reporters,
It's torture.



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