Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Republicans Today, Part VII

Booman condenses the conundrum(how often do I get to use that word?) of the teabaggers side of the Republican's coalition:

I'm Almost Sad for the Tea Partiers

"..Now, you can believe political rhetoric or you can believe your lying eyes. Republicans run up huge deficits whenever they have the power to do so, and they loot the treasury to enrich themselves and their political donors. That is literally what real Republicans live to do. That's the party's entire purpose. The deficits are not really the primary goal. They're a byproduct of their desire to pay the lowest possible taxes while steering the maximum amount of the government's money to their rich pals. The deficits do serve a purpose however. Once bounced from power, the Republicans behave as though it was the Democrats who produced those deficits. And they pound the Democrats to cut social programs that steer government money away from their rich pals to people who are in need of some assistance.."


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